This is an experimental effort where I attempt to teach my kids coding and circuity using Arduino and the socratic method. Since I'm not bound by needing to complete a lesson within a certain amount of time per session or the total number of sessions this is more a journal of my efforts. I lesson plan for approx 15-30 mins to create an initial set of questions to help guide the lesson, but once it starts I tend to ask a lot more questions to help explain the subject. Currently I'm teaching this to my two older children ages 13 and 11. My hope is by journaling my questions it will make it easier to teach to my other children when they are the appropriate age.

Arduino Lesson 1 - Intro to Adruino

Arduino Lesson 2 - All about LEDs

Arduino Lesson 3 - Resistors!

Arduino Lesson 4 - Blinking LED

Arduino Lesson 5 - Blinking Multiple LEDs

Arduino Lesson 6 - Transistors!

Arduino Lesson 7 - Diodes!

Arduino Lesson 8 - Spin a Motor!